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Dr. Stewart answers all of your eye care questions

What can I do to prevent Dry Eyes?

The best thing that you can do to prevent dry eyes is to have an eye examination to determine what kind of dry eyes you have. It is very easy to buy products that are advertised to relieve dry eye symptoms and only get minimal dry eye relief. Dry eyes can be caused by evaporative, lipid, or medications. Knowing the cause of dry eyes and treating the cause will result in better treatment for dry eyes.


Can kids wear contact lenses?

Yes, absolutely! A study was done by Ohio State University which proved that kids who wore contacts improved in their activities not to mention that it also helped with their self-esteem. Then you might ask at what age? And I would tell you when they are motivated and their parents or guardians say yes! At Stewart Family Eye Care we fit a lot of contacts with our patients especially kids.

At what age should my child have his/her eyes examined?

If you ask 10 different Doctors you will get 10 different answers. Newborns have their eyes checked in the birthing ward for starters. From birth to age 5 their eyes are growing. At age 5 is a good time to schedule a regular eye examination, however, if any unusual eye behavior is observed under age 5 an eye exam should be scheduled at that time. Unusual eye behavior such as eye squinting, a head tilt, or having to get close to see.


Should I wear sunglasses during the winter?

My answer is yes. The purpose of wearing sunglasses is to reduce the brightness of the light, but more importantly to protect your eye from the harmful ultraviolet light that causes tissue damage to your eyes.

I would encourage you to sample different shades of sunglasses to find which ones you are most comfortable with. Try looking through brown shaded and then blue/black shaded sunglasses. The nice thing about the brown shaded sunglasses is that they are not as dark as the blue/black.

What is color blindness?

This is a misunderstood condition. Very few persons see the world in black and white. They are unable to detect hues of red, green, or blue and in that order. A better way to describe this condition is a color weakness. If someone is red weak. They see a red stoplight or red stop sign, but the color of red is not as you and I see it. They only see one hue of red. The same goes for green and blue color weakness. There are two ways to get color blindness or weakness. One is congenital meaning that you are born with it, and the other is that you acquire it meaning that you have a disease of the eye.


Why is my vision going bad once I turn 50?

At age 40 there are some physiological changes that occur in your eyes that change the way you focus on things close to you. The lenses inside your eyes develop a condition called presbyopia. By age 50 the presbyopia is so advanced that you require vision correction to help you see near. We call them bifocals!

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